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It is the policy of the Company to develop, review and continually improve the Quality Management System to ensure compliance with the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2015.

This will enable us to consistently provide products and services that are of the highest quality and meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. The future development of Tencer Ltd is dependent on providing the highest level of Customer Care at all times.

Management Principles
The company will adopt and comply with the following Management Principles
• Customer focus
• Leadership
• Engagement of people
• Process Approach
• Improvement
• Evidence based decision making
• Relationship management

The company will identify its processes within the organisation, establish the sequence and interaction of these processes and the methods of controlling them. The company will implement the Plan Do Check Act Cycle.

Risk Based Thinking
The company will adopt a risk-based thinking approach to identify internal and external issues and the risks and opportunitiew they present.

Staff Training
The Company will maintain a programme of Staff Training that will identify staff’s individual needs and enhance their ability to offer a service of the highest quality. The company is aware of the commercial advantage of multi-disciplined engineers and will reflect this in any future training programme.

Implementation of the Quality Management System is mandatory and as such all employees will be conversant with this policy.

Specific training will be given to all employees on areas of the Quality Management System that are relevant to them.

Suppliers/Products and Service provision
Unless previously specified the Company will offer all Clients the widest possible range of equipment available to suit their individual requirements. Company representatives will always be mindful of quality of product, and as such will only offer products which are known to be of the highest quality and which are available from an approved source.

Tencer Limited will continually monitor and analyse all suppliers performance by frequent audits and non-conforming reports.

Installation of equipment will be carried out by competent employees and will at all times be in accordance with IET 18th Edition, Gas Safe and company documented work procedures. Installation work will meet with the company’s approved and recognised standards as laid down in the Specification of Work or Quotation.

BS EN ISO9001:2015
The Company through its Board of Directors, Management and Staff are dedicated to developing a Quality Management System that will meet the ever changing needs of clients and regulatory bodies, provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
Top Management have ownership of this policy and review on a regular basis to confirm continued integrity,  
effectiveness, compatibility and alignment with the context and strategic direction of the organisation.
This Policy is issued to all members of staff and available to interested parties on the company website and upon request as an uncontrolled copy.

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